eBay Tips: eBay Barcodes and “Fast & Free” Postage


eBay Tips: eBay barcodes and “Fast & Free” Postage

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In this video I am going to give you an update from the most popular eBay forums on what’s really going on for sellers on eBay the problems their facing right now and what they should do about it, so stay tuned!

One of the big concerns on eBay at this week has also been the area of product identifiers. This is a relatively new requirement on eBay sellers that vary from category to category.



For example, as a women’s shoe shop we now have to include EAN barcodes for all our products, which could be a hassle for some sellers.

Some great points that I wasn’t sure about, are that this applies to both new and refurbished products and also to both business and private sellers too!

To edit your listings that are lacking their product identifiers you can Go to My eBay or Selling Manager to see your active listings. Click on the link at the top of the page for “Add required product identifiers”. You’ll be redirected to the eBay Bulk Edit and Relist Tool where you can add you EAN codes, or manufacturing product numbers or whatever else that they are requesting for your product categories.

A further going topic on the eBay forums currently is whether “Free” and “Fast and Free” delivery option items are found to rank higher in searches. Quite a few people seem to think this is the case, and that eBay would also say that this is so. A great response to this I saw was “I’d suggest only do what you think your customers want, not what eBay wants.”

Although I would make an addendum:

“Do what your customer wants and stick to what eBay rules!”

I personally offer and fast and free delivery service and I would say that it really increases sales for me!

These are just a few topics that are at the forefront of the eBay sellers current collective mind. If you have liked this video, please give a thumbs up and comment down below if you have had any experiences like these. Don’t forget to check out my free resources link below and check out the rest of my videos.

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