“Be prepared to work hard, treat your business as a business it’s not personal” Bruce from Chillibugs.co.uk

Chillibugs.co.uk the Hot sauces company that stock an amazing range of chilli sauces, chilli salsas, chilli pickles, chilli chocolate & sweets, fiery snacks, hot jams & liquid smoke and smoky hot BBQ sauces. They specialize in the hotter the better. Selling successfully online through their eCommerce website and on eBay. This niche business gives valuable insights into the world of eCommerce.  Treat your business as a business. Selling Online Today thanks Bruce for a great interview.

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Some thoughts from the interview

Be prepared to work hard, treat your business as a business it’s not.”

We started back in 2003 running for 12 years, limited since 07’

Started importing sauces from the US

The range went from 20 products to about 150, then to 350, now 600

We take in other people’s products, we are a supermarket of chilli sauces

EBay is a nice way to get your foot in the market

It’s something we have done too late, should have done it in the early days

A third of our retail side is export

That’s the beauty of the internet, you open yourself up to the whole world

It’s what people look at first if they are going to buy, or if they are not going to buy

Yes we are selling sauces, but we are selling customer service first

It’s a cost, but you get repeat orders

We want customers back, it’s a short term hit for a long term gain

Your resource is there if you choose to search for them

“If it’s not fun you’re not going to put in as much effort”

What do they offer?

They stock an amazing range of chilli sauces, chilli salsas, chilli pickles, chilli chocolate & sweets, fiery snacks, hot jams & liquid smoke and smoky hot BBQ Sauces.

How to contact ChilliBugs!

Twitter      Website      Facebook    Or email: info@chillibugs.co.uk


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