“Concentrate on customer service, the customer always comes first” Tony from Paws to Your Door

Tony from Paws to Your Door sells everything to do with the small pets industry. Paws to Your Door was established in 2000 as a pet food home delivery service in and around the Horsham area of West Sussex.  The business has grown steadily since and October 2006 saw the launch of their first online store through eBay.

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Some thoughts from the interview

“We got into the business really we were a small food delivery company locally. We were going to our suppliers and we were walking past other stock, and I met my partner around about the same time and came with us to the wholesaler at the time and said “why don’t you sell some of this online?” So we put some of the things online and that’s how we started.”

“I was a sort of stay at home husband looking after my little boy,  I was at home looking after him so I just put a few items online and it grew from there. Things have grown very well since then.”

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“Really do your research on what you’re going to sell. What other people are selling? Has the market been flooded with it? Is there loads of them around? Also, when you start buying your stock, really get to know your suppliers.” Jules from Present Provider

Jules from Present Provider sells a large plethora of present and gift ideas for all the family and started her eCommerce business 10 years ago in the green hills of Hertfordshire with her husband and father in law. Present Provider is still today a family run business with a small team and a friendly family feel.

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Some thoughts from the interview

“About 10 years ago, we had 3 very young children. My father in law had just been made redundant. I was originally a graphic designer but it didn’t really fit in with having young children… It was a good time to try something new. Online shopping then was just coming up, obviously having 3 young children I was trying to do a lot more shopping online. We were trying to find different things to put online and make a good shopping experience for customers.”

“After research, things we were trying to find online to buy for ourselves. We did research what was available at that time and hence what we have now.”

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“Do what you enjoy in business and in life. If you’re not enjoying something, cut it, get rid of it, and move on to something else.” Colm from Ramboo Tools

Colm from Ramboo Tools is based in Ballymena, Northern Ireland. He has a very exciting business selling all types of tools. Ramboo Tools has been trading online from 2007, which is over 8 years. Ramboo Tools a small family business that Colm runs with his sister and small team that comes in and out to help.

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Some thoughts from the interview

“Initially got into selling online back in 2007/2008. Primarily our business is aimed at wholesale to builder’s merchants, timber yards and tool shops. We specialise in hand tools specifically for plasters, builder’s tilers and concert workers.”

“Around 2007/2008 the construction industry in Ireland took a bit of a nose dive and as a result of that we found ourselves moving on to online selling to shore up our existing wholesale business”

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“Start small and for free, do something from your house and begin in that way where you have no costs and no real risk” Michael from I Want Fabric

Michael Collins owns a website called I Want Fabric. He is based in Manchester although he is originally from Ireland. Michael started off with an auction house then moved on to eBay around 2010. He has been selling online for a number of years on eBay, Amazon and on their own website.

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Some thoughts from the interview

“I started off in 2010 and I was looking for something to do with myself and I saw the movie the 40 year old virgin. There is a shop in that movie where they sell good on eBay for other people and I thought that was a great idea, easy to get into with spending a fortune.”

“We opened up an auction house, I put an ad up on gumtree and found someone to help me. I bought a little shop, put signs up, did flyers around town and the goods started to come in. That built up then into a business with 4 or 5 people.”

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