Website Tips: Product Pages and Blending In

Website Tips: Product Pages & Blending In

Hi everyone, Patrick here. So you want your website to stand out from the crowd, what do you do? Stay tuned and I’ll give you my thoughts on the wireframe of your website and how it should look to be successful and ultimately to have more sales!

Ok, no-one cares about how your website looks (except you) so therefore it must really be down to efficiency and results. If it’s and ecommerce site it must lead sales. SALES, SALES, AND MORE SALES. So if your competitors are selling well why not copy or “borrow” some of their ideas. If you’re with a serious commerce company, they are going to have wireframes that are optimised for conversion. Listen to them.

The most important page isn’t the homepage, though that’s what most people seem to focus on.
If it’s an ecommerce site, the most important page is the product page. If you are you are using google adwords or google shopping customers will be directed to your product page. You want people landing on the product page when they are ready to buy ideally not messing about browsing your products. Everything that is on the product page should make the buying of the product easy. You have to compete with the big boys, Amazon and eBay so make it good.
So with that in mind you will hear web companies say don’t blend in. Yes, I agree if all businesses are alike then you won’t stand out, but when it comes to ecommerce your site must be efficient, fast, have all the right messages going out to the customers and ultimately have a checkout process that is fast and works first time every time. If the whole experience is good, then you won’t blend in.
The rest is fluff, extras. The homepage yes it must be presentable, responsive and professional at least as good as your competitors but the product page when it comes to ecommerce (in my opinion) is the most important! People that are coming on, want to buy and want to be blown away be your customer service. Look at other parts of the process, how fast does it take to get the product out to them, are they being constantly notified, are they impressed when it arrives, are they happy that way.

So in summary:
– Product page is the most important part of your ecommerce website.
– Use a company that is serious about ecommerce (you get what you pay for)
– Check references when choosing an ecommerce company
– Keep the final goal in mind. It’s all about sales (in an ecommerce company)

Keep focused people. Take a moment and look at your website. If you’re going to go down the route of having your own website, go for a company that is serious about ecommerce and has plenty of successful clients on its books.
Hope this helps, remember to add your thoughts below in the comments, would love to hear your experience, subscribe so you don’t miss out on more content. This has been
Patrick from Selling Online Today, bye bye.

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