“Make sure your deliveries are prompt, customer service is excellent and communication is excellent, customers expect nothing less, if you have a problem deal with it” David from Run Active

David from Run Active has 2 aspects to his website, one is for the performance running market and his second eCommerce business expands into the niche market for his other multi channel site Muddy Kit for people that endure the tough muddier events & races. As well as running successful eCommerce websites David also owns bricks and mortar stores which supplies to the casual jogger to cross country.

Hi everyone, David from Run Active shares his incredible journey on SellingOnlineToday!

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Some thoughts from the interview

“We’re the only people retailing it in the UK, and it’s now the most successful shoe we sell

“We operate 5 stores, a store in the city of London and a handful around Essex/ London Borders”

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“Just stick at it, there’s good times and bad times, stick at it and work hard and you’ll get through it” Brendan from Homeline Furniture

Brendan from Homeline Furniture was started by his father by creating a bricks and mortar store in 1991 in County Tipperary, Ireland and evolving into the world of eCommerce multi selling covering your house needs from top to bottom.

Hi everyone, Brendan from Homeline Furnishing shares their incredible journey on SellingOnlineToday!

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Some thoughts from the interview

“There’s potential for online selling to work in Ireland, we’re still studying and advertising

“Having a bricks and mortar store behind a website is great as people can see the physical product”

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“If you love something, then I think you can make it work, I think you really can” Helen from Lente Designs

Ecommerce business Lente Designs has been running for over 6 years by herself with casual staff over busy periods, Lente Designs started very slowly running 3 days a week. The couple not happy with their day to day jobs decided to plunge into making their own business. Taking a risk and taking out money on their credit card and buying fabrics to make their own designs for the niche market of iPad & tablet covers, designed by themselves along with help Lente Designs aims to provide quality cases for a little cost as possible.

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Some thoughts from the interview

“If you love something, then I think you can make it work, I think you really can

“The first year is really horrible, it’s really exciting yet it’s really horrible, it’s really hard work”

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“If you don’t include everything into your matrix, you will find it very hard to make any money” Andrew from Engineers Mate LTD

Andrew runs Engineers Mate with 3 other directors, starting in 2011 the eCommerce business is relatively new, they have 2 branches; one in Dudley and one in Halford, they also have 2 trade counters as well as trading on multi-channel platforms such as eBay, Amazon and their own website. Starting with their first order on 28th August 2012 they planned for the business to be completely online on their website, but then delved into eBay and Amazon to expand their eCommerce dominance.

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Bearings, Lazy Susan Bearings, Self Aligning Bearings, Electric Motors & Single Phase Electric Motors - EngineersMate - Engineers mate sellingonlinetoday

Some thoughts from the interview

“The potential hasn’t been reached [Amazon], but we know the potential is there”

“The more you do sell and the more revenue that goes through PayPal 25% is dropped”

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