“If you worry about everything being perfect to begin with then you’ll never start” Trevor from Hello Baby

Hello Baby  was founded by Trevor Ginn in 2007 in London’s East End, Truman Brewery. Trevor had started Hello Baby as he had just became a father, and only then had he realised how much there was out there that he actually had to buy! HelloBabyDirect has since moved to St Albans in 2011 and currently operate out of a 2000 sq ft warehouse and handle over 200 orders every day.

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Some thoughts from the interview

“We’re based in a place called St. Albans which is just outside London. We have been going for about 7 years now, started in 2008. We turn over about 1 million pounds a year. We sell mainly though eBay and Amazon but we are very international, we sell on eBay in seven countries and Amazon in seven countries. “

“Our big focus at the moment is to get our website up and running as another channel. We do mainly baby and nursery stuff, we have also moved into other stuff. We have moved into fancy dress as well using a drop shipper, we were doing books but that didn’t really work out for us.”

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“Don’t try doing everything yourself, use experts because you will be amazed at how much time someone else can actually save you and therefore money, but pick those people wisely.” Dave from Big Laces

Big Laces was started by Cheryl and Dave Clayton as “The Lace Place” back in 2006, primarily as an eBay venture to earn extra cash. Without any initial business plan and very little fancy marketing, the company has grown significantly but still remains family owned and run.

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Some thoughts from the interview

“Essentially it started that I needed some laces for some shoes and I couldn’t find the specific laces anywhere. This was back in 2006. I looked on the internet and the only place I could find them was a little sore over in America, but to make it worthwhile I think the minimum order was something lke 10 pairs. I really, really needed the laces to the extent that I actually order all 1 pairs just to get the one I needed thinking I would keep the spares.

“EBay wasn’t in its infancy but it was certainly only a few years in. I can’t remember if someone suggested the idea or if I stumbled across it. I though actually I only need 3 so I’ll put the others on there, maybe some other people will need them. They sold not hugely quickly but quickly enough. So I thought I’ll order another 10 and see what happens. Cut a long story short we got emails from people saying can you get these in red at all? Can you get them in blue? Brown? Can you get them slightly longer? Slightly shorter? And the range just grew and grew as we realised that actually everyone was having the same problem, that you can’t walk into a shoe shop and get anything other than standard black or brown laces.”

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“Be prepared to work hard, treat your business as a business it’s not personal” Bruce from Chilli Bugs

Bruce from Chilli Bugs  sells a massive range of hot sauces from all over the world, specialising in the hotter the better. Chilli Bugs is a family company which Bruce runs with his lovely wife Mel. They are based in Northampton have been successfully selling online for approximately 12 years.

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Some thoughts from the interview

“Chilli Bugs started back in 2003, so we have been running for about 12 years now. We have been limited since 2007.”

“We are a family business, it’s myself and my wife. We have some extra staff as well.”

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“If you love what you’re doing then the thing that you love will follow. Running your own business isn’t a 9 to 5 it’s a 7 to 7 job. I enjoy it, I go home sit on my laptop and I can’t get away from it. There’s not one day that I’ve kept away.” Jeet from Blukoo.

Jeet from Blukoo sells everything to do with health, supplements and healthcare. Jeet has been trading online with Blukoo for over 3 years. They are based in north London and Jeet is helped by 2 other members of staff.

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Some thoughts from the interview


“It started from the back of the garage back home, we were there for 6 to 8 months. We started by buying just as much as we can and selling on-line.  It wasn’t a fixed category, it was what we could get hold of and what we could make money on.”

“We slowly started focusing on nutrition, vitamins, supplements, herbal products and it grew from then on.”

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