“Don’t try doing everything yourself, use experts because you will be amazed at how much time someone else can actually save you and therefore money!” Dave from Big Laces.co.uk

Big Laces was started by Cheryl and Dave Clayton as “The Lace Place” back in 2006, primarily as an eBay venture to earn extra cash. Without any initial business plan and very little fancy marketing, the company has grown significantly but still remains family owned and run.

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SellingOnlineToday interview with Big Laces  from Biglaces.com

Some thoughts from the interview

“We’re not a big corporate machine and believe in good, honest customer service and bringing a smile to people’s faces. Those who buy from us almost always return, and we hope this is due to the fact that we prioritise customer satisfaction above all else.”

“In our time as retailers we’ve seen quite a few similar looking companies (some even borrowed all our photos without asking!) come and go and can only think this is due to the fact that you won’t make millions selling shoelaces! We love what we do and we thank all our customers for their continued support.”

“It’s not cost effective for them to sell individual, we stock them in large volumes”

“There’s little holes to be filled, and we filled one of them and there’s plenty more”

“All (eBay, Amazon and Websites) have their positives and negatives so use all 3”

“Encourage customers with business cards that pushes them towards the website”

“I used it (AdWords) quite heavily when we started out”

“I’ve been surprised by how successful the organic site has been”

“Our amazon sales eclipse eBay and our website put together”

“That first transaction really sets the tone to whether you’re going to go back again”

“Everyone is fast paced moving and you just need to be there”

“I don’t want to try and fill up peoples Facebook”

“Handling the complaint says as much about your business as much as what the complaint is about”

“Knowledge almost pays for itself”

“Don’t try to be the expert at everything, there’s people out there that can help you”

“If it’s not fun you’re not going to put in as much effort”

What do they offer?

On top of our wide range their Fat, Flat, Round and Super Fat Laces they offer a range of Retro Sweatband Sets and Beanies and a 5 Star Customer Service experience!

How to contact Big Laces!

Twitter      Website      Facebook    Or email: help@biglaces.co.uk


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