“Don’t be afraid of trying something, find 5 or 10 selling products and see how they go” Mike from DaisyBabyShop.co.uk


Daisybabyshop was started by Husband and Wife team, Mike and Zoe, in early 2012 to delivery good quality and value for money attachment parenting products. They now sell in excess of 1300 different items and in November 2014 moved to a 2000 sq ft warehouse in Yeovil, Somerset. They are very focused on customer satisfaction and on all of their products they offer a 14 day return policy if you are not totally satisfied so you can buy with total confidence.

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DaisyBabyShop Mei Tai Slings and Baby Accessories

Some thoughts from the interview

“We started with one product and built from there, we re-invested the money in more stock”

“If you’re prepared to put in the time to looking at products you’re interested in, the market, how much it’s selling for, how much to buy it for”

“It’s not rocket science, you can just start it with 1, 2, 5 items and progress from there”

“It’s important to keep it fresh, easy to navigate, easy for customers to see products”

“We were handling everything manually and to be honest it was too much

“It’s imperative to have one central tool that does stock movement correctly across all the channels

“I prefer taking our photos, its gives us a bit of uniqueness

“If you do reviews, it’s important to include both good and bad reviews

“Reviews have helped the credibility of the site

“When you translate a product into local a language you sell more

 “A prison in London ordered 400 baby lunch pods

“You don’t need to use a huge amount of money

What do they offer?

DaisyBabyShop specialise in baby accessories and parenting mother accessories. DaisyBabyShop inventory includes items such as baby slings, baby wraps, baby bean bags, breastfeeding, new parents, baby changing, baby clothing, home for parents and babies, travel and out and about, mei tai slings, hooded baby wraps and slings, ring slings, wrap slings, breastfeeding covers, support pillows, toilet training, bed time, baby proofing and safety, baby carriers, cots, travel cots, travel cases and nappy bags, nappies. Mei Tai is one of their baby product specialities. They offer cheap and affordable baby accessories for baby parents. They strive to have the best customer service and you as a valued customer, it also allows for personalised baby accessories and items.

How to contact DaisyBabyShop!

Twitter      Website      Facebook    Or email: sales@daisybabyshop.co.uk


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