Website Tips: Abandoned Orders and Basket Retrieval

Website Tips: Abandoned Orders and Basket Retrieval

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Ok firstly; no-one likes to see things left in the online shopping basket, but whether we like it or not it happens for all sorts of reasons:

– People get called away
– They just want to think about it a bit more
– They want to compare prices on other websites
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Website tips: Effective Follow Up to Increase Sales

Website Tips: Product Pages & Blending In

Hi everyone, Patrick here. So you want your website to stand out from the crowd, what do you do? Stay tuned and I’ll give you my thoughts on the wireframe of your website and how it should look to be successful and ultimately to have more sales! [Read more…]

What is Multichannel Ecommerce?

What is Multichannel Ecommerce?

So, what is multi channel ecommerce?
It basically means selling your products on more than one ecommerce site, and doing it well! You probably started with your own website, or with eBay or Amazon and when sales started to roll in you started to think about other market places. If you sell well on Amazon, there is no reason you can’t sell well on eBay.
So what is the big stumbling block? What makes people shy away? Why is it such a pain in the a***!?
What is the big hoo-hah when it comes to multichannel ecommerce?

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Common Scams In Online Selling

Watch Out! Common Scams in Online Selling

There are loads of new types of scams in the online selling arena; friendly fraud, clean fraud, triangulation fraud, they are all very different and complicated, but in in under 2 minutes I am going to share with you the 3 most common scams that I have come across in my own eCommerce business.

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