Website Tips: Abandoned Orders and Basket Retrieval

Website Tips: Abandoned Orders and Basket Retrieval

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Ok firstly; no-one likes to see things left in the online shopping basket, but whether we like it or not it happens for all sorts of reasons:

– People get called away
– They just want to think about it a bit more
– They want to compare prices on other websites
Whatever the reason, whether we like it or not, it happens. So given as it does happen we do need to have a series of emails that go out to just help people along.

Some sources site it as high as 68% of people browsing might abandon the basket.

So what way do we word things to get that figure down a bit? We have to tempt them back! We have their email as they have left the item in the basket and done the majority of the work they just have to make the last few clicks.

Studies show (just google it and you’ll see) that over 40% of all cart abandonment emails are opened and nearly a tenth of those are redeemed!

That’s ok, it’s better than nothing for just setting up some automated emails in the background.

With abandonment emails you should think about things like the timing of when they are sent, what the subject line is, links directly to the product they have in their basket, and finally some sort of call to action to help them finish what they have started.

If your website allows reviews or testimonials include those in the emails as that creates credibility.

People like ASOS, mango, etc aka the big e-commerce boys actually are masters of this check it out, so you can see how theirs works and take a leaf out of their book.

I have spoken to some of my wife’s friends and they would even say sometimes they purposely leave things in the basket waiting for a discount code to arrive in the email to finish the purchase!

Ah the joys of online shopping.

Ok well that’s it in a nutshell so in summary remember:
– Make sure you set up the checkout abandonment meal sequences get more sales
– The timing of when they are sent is essential for better conversions
– The copy you use and the ease of use is essential too

Let me know your thoughts on the matter. Hope you have enjoyed this little nugget of info.

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