Website Tips: Off-Site SEO

Website Tips: Off-Site SEO

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In this 3-part series video I will tell you what SEO is and why it is so important for your business.
So as mentioned in the previous video (if you haven’t seen it click here: SEO is important to develop your ecommerce business long term. There essentially are 2 aspects that need addressed Onsite SEO and offsite SEO. In this video let’s look at some essential considerations for offsite SEO so stay tuned.


Why is it important? Offsite SEO is important as all the mentions of your website by others bodes well for you own site. So we need to have a strategy to make this happen. Now, in years gone by there were a lot of bad practices regarding link building and in my opinion it got a bad name and doesn’t carry the same weight as it used to, not in the old sense anyway. So there is much more to your off site SEO that needs to be looked at. It can be a long and in-depth as you can afford but some basics would need to be looked after.

You need the basics all well done, content being repurposed. Let me explain; so if you’re doing a blog for your website, you need to make sure this is going onto your google plus page linking back, your linked page linking back and your Facebook page and twitter, all those basics.

If you can get your content onto authoritative websites that link back to your article on your site this is big. So if the New York Times quote you or your site, or Vogue or Buzzfeed then it really helps your SEO. So if you can dedicate time to do that then that’s all great.

If your selling online, you should have your suppliers list your site on their website. This is important if you are going to link build they need to be relevant sites that quote you to your industry. So there is no point in using dodgy SEO companies based off shore that guarantee 40 web submissions a week to directories, it’s nonsense, long term it’s spammy and your site could get punished. Build them up gradually; if you get 40 in one week and then none for months then it’s a warning sign to google. Bear this in mind.

I repeat I am not an SEO expert and don’t claim to be one, but we as ecommerce business owners need to grasp the basics so we can take care of your business.

If your involved in fashion, like me selling shoes, engaging with famous bloggers can help. It doesn’t always have to be paid advertising deals it can be in exchange for goods, or some other arrangement etc.

Just keep it relevant to your industry.

In summary;
– get the basics right for your own accounts google plus, Facebook, blog etc.
– get relevant mentions within your industry on your supplier’s sites etc.
– engage with bloggers, YouTube etc. that can help build your site reputation
– the bigger the site that mentions you the better for you
– avoid dodgy companies that promise 40 backlinks one week, not cool.
Remember if your reading articles online regarding this theme don’t be reading stuff from 2008 as it will be so outdated and SEO has moved on so much from then it will be a waste of time. Keep the articles you read up-to-date.
Keep an eye on your competitors and what they are doing especially if they are bigger than you, you can learn from them. Not obsessively but in moderation.

Anyways I hope this has helped a bit anyways I have a resource guide if you don’t have it download it for free, and don’t forget to check my other videos out if you haven’t done so already.

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