“My mind set on making net profit is from the start make sure you are making money” Jay from DJM Direct

DJM Direct is based in Nelson, Lancashire and many years ago Jay (The radio guest) worked for a small business in Huddersfield and sold DIY products, contracts etc. In 2004, after experimenting with different products and finding the right products, they decided to move into to a 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Lancashire and continued expanding and looked for other means of selling and went onto Amazon, their own eCommerce site and in 2013 they expanded the warehouse to 20,000 sq. ft., and have turned over 2 million last year and have started their own brand just over 12 months ago.

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DJM Direct An Online One Stop Tools Shop Fast Free UK Delivery sellingonlinetoday

Some thoughts from the interview

“99.9% of our items are sold online, we’re an online business and that’s what were set up for”

“We sell through eBay, Amazon and all eCommerce sites and more recently we’ve been approached by Groupon

“Before you know it you were selling something at £100 and now you’re selling it at £80”

“You’ve got to be careful when buying seasonal products, you might have to sit on that stock for a full 12 months”

“EBay and Amazon have certain rules that I don’t agree with, they control you too much, your business is in their hands”

“Our site is 10% cheaper than our eBay price, it’s what we do to try get people to our eCommerce site”

“When you buy something online you get a nice leaflet with 10% off from our website”

“With the SEO we were putting money in but not getting very little in return”

“A lot of business owners start chasing turnover, they don’t realise the costings, damages, returns and everything else”

“I see some businesses selling things too cheap, make a lot of noise in the market and then they are gone”

“You need something unique to sell online, you need something unique to sell yourselves”

Guest Advice: “Before you upload a product get an eBay and Amazon calculator and check to see what net profit you are making”

What do they offer?

DJM Direct supply a great selection of home DIY tools, gardening equipment and furniture, tools, workwear.. you name it they sell it!

How to contact DJM Direct!

Twitter      Website      Facebook    Or email: jay@djmdirect.com


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