“Do it now, if you’re looking into it, just do it, because if you’re not going to do it tomorrow you can do it today” Simon from Duke Gifts

Duke Gifts is all about printed personalised gifts, there’s now a lot of people doing a similar thing, but when Simon started it was all about his graphic design being the best of the best! All of the products on the site are made by Simon himself, and then printed onto physical items such as mugs, teddy bears, bottles, money boxes… Just a whole host of items. You won’t find these items anywhere else in the world, they are totally unique. The company now sells over 200 items a day starting in February 2014, so the company has really set off “Snowball” start.

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Some thoughts from the interview

“All our items titles are very unique, we use numbers codes for the products”

“We make hundreds off unique designs filling in a niche”

“As a start-up company we can’t afford to cash out on every copyright design”

“To maintain our customer service and feedback we must issue a replacement straight away”

“All our barcodes are directly correlated to our new products, if someone enters our barcode it will show Duke Gifts”

“The “I <3 Pigeons” Mug sells really well around Father’s Day for some reason”

“We print on demand, we buy in blanks and as soon as it sells we print it up”

“A standard order for our mugs is around 2,500 mugs”

“The more you order the cheaper it is, and the more you save on delivery charges”

“We invest the money made into ordering larger stock for ourselves, just so it’s ticking over”

“If you think it’s going to sell, just design it and get it up there, no matter how unique it will sell”

“You must be prepared deal with the cost of packaging, selling it, the whole design around your packing”

“If you’re selling something you’re not into, then why are you selling it?”

“Get a notepad and just write down anything you like, and then make a niche within that”

“Our Twitter strategy is where we post half pictures of mugs we make, and half of upselling”

“Don’t expect it to grow straight away, it has to grow slowly… really slowly, when you get to it, it will be worth it”

Best Advice: “Don’t let anyone tell you can’t do anything” 

What do they offer?

Duke Gifts offers Business deals, Kids gifts, metal signs, personalised gifts, wedding gifts and they love to provide top of the range customer service and totally unique products!

How to contact Duke Gifts!

Twitter      Website      Facebook    Or email: orders@dukegifts.co.uk


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