“Just stick at it, there’s good times and bad times, stick at it and work hard and you’ll get through it” Brendan from Homeline Furniture

Brendan from Homeline Furniture was started by his father by creating a bricks and mortar store in 1991 in County Tipperary, Ireland and evolving into the world of eCommerce multi selling covering your house needs from top to bottom.

Hi everyone, Brendan from Homeline Furnishing shares their incredible journey on SellingOnlineToday!

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Some thoughts from the interview

“There’s potential for online selling to work in Ireland, we’re still studying and advertising

“Having a bricks and mortar store behind a website is great as people can see the physical product”

“If they can look you up on Google+, street view and can see you’re physically there then people have more confidence”

“We don’t outsource anything, only the smaller ones for the delivery”

“We do a lot with Google Adwords, social media and organically but the best advertising is our vans on the road, customer reviews and word of mouth”

“People want to know its material, how much memory foam is in it, how long delivery will take”

“Customers have more trust, they feel you’re not out to sell them any type of product, if you sell it to them once and they know you, they will know to come to homeline furniture”

“When you have good customer service people are drawn to you, which is trust which is massive for online selling”

“Use more key ranges, more key terms that you know is repeated, certain brands that you can focus on online”

“You want to refine your words to certain products than just the word furniture, that word is so generic, you want to fine tune it the search”



What do they offer?

Pretty much everything you would need to make your home of your dreams! Including beds, mattresses, bedroom furniture, bedroom collections, kids & nursery, living room, dining room, bar stools,  relax chairs, home office and sofa beds.

How to contact Homeline Furniture!

Twitter      Website      Facebook    Or email: info@homelinefurniture.ie


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