“If you have sales you can overcome most problems, if you have the best plan in the world and no sales that’s insurmountable” Daniel from Shellac Nails

Daniel started Shellac Nails in November 2012 with help from an Enterprise Ireland New Frontiers Course which works with start-ups. Initially planning to supply medical statistical data to global pharmaceutical companies. He had a talent for sourcing products from external markets and with a hint that Shellac Gel was the next best thing to hit the market, Daniel took the plunge to start his own Shellac Nails business.

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Some thoughts from the interview

“We are active on 12 different online platforms, we sell on Amazon, eBay, our own website and we also supply directly to beauticians”

“We have supplied to every country in the EU, we have supplied as far as Japan, Australia, New Zealand, America and Canada”

“We have a separate website for beauticians so they can get more competitive pricing”

“Our third party sites sell on Germany, France, USA and the UK”

“We release an exclusive collection and we pre-release products only available on our website”

“We are looking into bringing it to Ireland to start manufacturing there, but we currently import from China”

“I visit China at least twice a year to build up a relationship with them”

“There’s so many areas you can get support from, ‘Waterford Chamber of Commerce’, ‘Local Enterprise Offices’ and ‘Enterprise Ireland

“The biggest challenge is getting the correct place for the support that you want”

“6 weeks ago we won Waterford Chamber small business of the year award”

“A big issue is that we manually update stock, if a colour goes out of stock there can be a problem”

“It’s not about amount of followers of likes it’s about the amount of revenue social media makes you”

“A shock was we exported back to China, the brand we supply is not available in China although it’s made there”

“We have a policy were if someone is unhappy with the colour we replace free them of charge” 

Guest Advice

“Do a lot of test marketing and make sure it works before you invest your hard earned money”

What do they offer?

Shellac Nails provides quality nails all over Europe and the online store includes nail collections, specific colours, nail kits, accessories and exclusive offers.

How to contact Shellac Nails!

Twitter      Website      Facebook    Or email: daniel@shellacnails.eu


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