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In this video I am going to give you an update from the most popular eBay forums on what’s really going on for sellers on eBay the problems their facing right now. and what they should do about it, so stay tuned!
One of the biggest concerns on eBay at the moment are refunds and best practice of how refunds work.

There’s a lot we could talk about in the area of refunds, and depending on the type of good you sell there will be more or less of them depending. In our case we sell shoes so there is a high percentage of returns. (It’s not like buying a wooden spoon for cooking, it is what it is and there won’t be many returns there for example.)
So at the moment a lot of sellers are concerned with buyers opening disputes for items claimed a “fake” or “not as described.”
There are some great replies from other sellers on the forums so along with my personal approached being reflected here I’d say the following;
– Do no refund until you have the item returned to you!! This is so important! If a buyer does open a case against a seller, then a lot of time the seller is responsible for return costs which is not the case in most returns.
– Paying a small amount for a prepaid returns label is a small cost when considering eBay does have the power to refund the full cost of the item to the buyer and let them keep the item if they rule against you!!
The main thing to remember in eBay disputes is stick to eBay regulations, contact buyers through eBay’s messaging system only, keep polite and professional and you can always ring eBay customer service to keep within their guidelines, that is what they are there for!
Their customer service has bettered tremendously over the last few years don’t be afraid to give them a call; it keeps you right as a buyer.
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