“Do something different from everyone else. Do something that is original to your own company. So, I wouldn’t try to copy something or do something similar to another company.” Andrew from Agri-Supply UK

Andrew from Agri-Supply UK works with everything to do with agricultural supplies. He has a team of 5 people and he is based in Herts just north of London. He has been in the business of selling on-line with Agri-Supply UK for over 8 years.

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Some thoughts from the interview

“We have quite a broad spectrum of products that we like to offer. We sell directly to our customers shipping them out to them next day delivery.”

“The farming community is one or our main customer bases but there are many others as well. We look to target our products to those one of the main ones being the equine market. ”

“We started off selling electric fencing and concentrated on that in the first years. It is one of our largest products that we sell. Then we branched out from there to give customers a bit more choice in other areas.”

“It’s quite important really if you’re selling these kinds of products to have the experience and knowledge that you have been brought up with and you can talk on the same level as your customers as well. I think that is quite important.”

“Farming is an industry that it taking on on-line buying slightly slower than other sectors but I think it has speeded up in the last few years”

“We’ve got to a stage now that we’re planning on opening a store early next year. In a sense it’s not the way you would see it a few years ago people would have a store and open up an on-line shop as well it’s actually reversed these days if you’re very successful on-line it can lead to opening up a shop as well.”

“I think if you have them both (on-line and in store) they complement each other and also it can bring in a slightly different customer base that are not so savvy on-line”

“eBay has tremendously grown since we started using it. They have implemented quite a lot of changes over the last couple years which can be frustrating as a seller but we have worked hard to adapt to those changes.”

“Although we work on the changes they have made some of them are difficult to deal with and we can disagree with some of them going forward it is quite the platform to sell on.”

“eBay gives you that reach as it is an international website. You can cross barriers in terms of language and boarders.”

“To really compete in the market place you have to be looking to do a large amount of volume and find a way to efficiently pack that.”

“You have to aim at 30% to 40% as a company if want to grow. If you are looking at a 10% margin when you factor in things like after sale service, dealing with returns, items you keep in stock you may have to discount and the costs that are involved you have to look for 30% to 40% to increase your business, offer the correct service and the time to can be allocated to customers to help them.”

“It’s important to look at your competitors on (eBay), look at their prices other people are charging, look at the products they are offering. Try to offer something a little bit different.”

“We use a software called channel grabber, which combines both platforms and feeds it into a database so we can run the stock of both channels. If somebody buys something from our website it will automatically take off the stock from our eBay store as well. It combines the two and makes it much more streamlined.”

“There’s not really any software that will do everything you need.”

“If customers get good service, good delivery and a good product they are more likely to come back to you.”

“We like to cross promote our products… it is likely that a customer buying one product is going to be interested in another. We like to create flyers and catalogues and to delivery orders it’s not going cost us a lot of money to put those in there.”

“We also have mailing lists which are optional to customers so we can update them monthly… it just keeps the name of the company fresh in their mind.”

“I felt I wanted to do something on my own but stay in the farming industry. I felt that customers needed a new approach going forward (in farming) that they can order things online. We can offer a lot of more choice and better prices as well for the farm.”

“If you have growing sales continually then everything else will follow.”

Best advice: “Do something different from everyone else. Do something that is original to your own company. So, I wouldn’t try to copy something or do something similar to another company… Be something unique and do something different.

What do they offer?

Agri-Supply UK is an online retailer of Agricultural goods founded in 2007. Their products include electric fencing, animal husbandry, tractor parts and workshop products. Agri-Supply has one of the largest ranges of electric fencing in the UK stocking huge amounts of electric fence energiser, fence insulators, electric poly tape and electric fence posts to name but a few. They have an aim to offer the best quality products at the lowest prices to the agricultural and wider rural community to enable them to thrive. Agri-Supply believe the countryside plays an important role and there is a need for suppliers to work alongside customers to provide advice and great value items.

How to contact Agri-Supply UK!

Twitter      Website      Facebook    Or email: sales@agri-supply.co.uk


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