“We are just coming up to 25,000 feedback at 100% positive so the product is as near to perfect as you can get.” Adrian from The Ink Squid

Adrian is from Blackpool and is the founder of The Ink Squid. Together with a small team, Adrian specialises in selling compatible ink and toner cartridges for brand-name printers. Having been in business for over 5 years the company have established themselves on multi-channel platforms such as Amazon and eBay as well as their own eCommerce website.

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Some thoughts from the interview

“I started on my own out of necessity really because my family company got very badly hit in the recession, in fact we got wiped out. I was in the unhappy situation that I had just got married, had a child and moved house and everything went a bit pear shaped. So I had always played around on computers and like eBay and it was an ideal opportunity to start with a clean slate and pick something to try and sell. I started in a very small office with one type of ink cartridge selling it on eBay and it grew from there. We now sell hundreds of thousands of them to 200 countries on eBay, Amazon, amazon.com, .de and our website growing every day. It has been an exciting 5 years.”

“Very much eBay was the heart of it, certainly for the first couple of years. The website came in around 2013/2014 but it was always the big market places, eBay and Amazon, that drove 90% of the sales. The website was, and still is, a relatively small part of the business. The marketplaces generate most of our turn over.”

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“Make sure it’s viable, don’t waste your time, your effort, your money unless you can see it paying off at the end.” Rob from Parade Antiques

Rob from Parade Antiques sells items in the area of collectibles, memorabilia and antiques. Based in Plymouth, the business was established in 1997. Around five years ago, Rob started the Company’s eCommerce business alongside friend and business partner Alex. Parade Antiques trade through their own website and through eBay and are based in an old early 18th century warehouse near the waterís edge of Plymouth.

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Some thoughts from the interview

“The online sales started about 5 years ago when we went into a family run antique shop and started selling online for them. Parade Antiques has been a shop in Plymouth since ’97 so it has been going for a little while but they didn’t have an online presence so we saw a need to be filled.”

“It was myself and the oldest son of the family, we have known each other since we were 4 years old. It was around the time of both of us coming out of university and not wanting to move further up country in order to use what we had been learning. To stay local, we thought we would try helping out the family selling the bits online and it worked. Very quickly it was apparent it was a model that was going to work.”

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“It’s an art form in capturing the customer and keeping them buying from you again and again” Andy from Printer Basics

With over 15 years in the business Andy has perfected his selling technique on online platforms such as eBay, Amazon and his own website. Printer Basics is located in Cheshire UK and was originally a mail order service but was updated to a eCommerce website as the times changed!

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Some thoughts from the interview

“My background is in traditional mail order. In the 90’s when traditional mail order was beginning to die and the onset of the internet I was working for quite a forward looking business that decided that they wanted to migrate from traditional mail order and the 11,000 page catalogues to the online business.”

“I left them 4 years ago when I had an opportunity to join H2eCommerce because the skills I have gather over the previous 15 to 20 years in relation to managing remote retailing and home delivery where very much in demand for new and emerging online companies. So I joined H2eCommerce 4 years ago and I have been working on the printer basics side of the business 4 years ago.”

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“You always have to try and achieve a profit on every sale.” Alasdair from Badger Inks

Alasdair has been trading ink cartridges online since 2009 through eCommerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay and through his own website badgerinks.co.uk. He is based in East Sussex with a small team around him. Alasdair has recently started a bricks and mortar business alongside his thriving online business selling brands such as Canon, Epson and Lexmark.

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badger inks

Some thoughts from the interview

“We started in 2009 selling ink cartridges, a very competitive market of course but the one thing people are always going to need is more ink and therefore we felt that there was an opportunity there that if we could bring a better service we could get a portion of the market.”

“We started with 2 lines of ink cartridges and we are now selling 100s if not 1000s of ink cartridges.”

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