Common Scams In Online Selling

Watch Out! Common Scams in Online Selling

There are loads of new types of scams in the online selling arena; friendly fraud, clean fraud, triangulation fraud, they are all very different and complicated, but in in under 2 minutes I am going to share with you the 3 most common scams that I have come across in my own eCommerce business.

1. The “not been delivered scam.” This is the most common one that comes up in our eCommerce business. You send something untracked because it might it be of low value because it is quite small. You haven’t tracked it, it is low value, it can happen very easily. In our own business we have come across a few people saying that it wasn’t delivered but thankfully the Royal Mail had signed for it so no worries there. If it is going to foreign countries, it can be a little more difficult. Thankfully all the postal companies are trying to make this a priority, how to get around it and how to track it properly to the door.

2. People claim to eBay or Amazon is a fake and they send you back fake one and keep the original one for themselves. Sometimes it can happen, in my own business once someone sent back a pair of shoes to us in the new box, but it was the old shoes, the ones they were replacing and they were expecting a refund. Thankfully Amazon sided with us and they didn’t get a refund because they still had the new pair.
3. Dodgy buyers that buy from the UK and want it posted to far away countries eg. Russia or Africa (No offence to anyone residing there.) but you have got to be careful as these can be false too. Sometimes the easiest way to get around this is to email them and ask them some simple questions to verify a legitimate order.

These are just 3 more simple frauds that can occur. There are more complicated and intricate ones that happen on Amazon or eBay. I don’t want to go on here too much and give anyone ideas.

What you have got to have is a positive attitude, don’t be like local business that say “I’m not going to sell online at all, there is just too much fraud is going on.” It not that much if you’re careful, if you put things in place to protect yourself. It’s not that complicated. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

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