“The market is there for anyone who wants to sell online and online is going to stay forever.” Dilip from eTho

Dilip runs a very interesting website called etho.co.uk  which sells thermal underwear, menswear, women’s wear and a host of related products. He is based in Leicester in the UK and runs his business with 6 other team members. They have been selling online for over 5 years.

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Some thoughts from the interview

“We started off manufacturing thermal underwear in the early 80’s. We moved on and I’ve always been interested in selling online and we have started selling on eBay.”

“Amazon is the best and eBay good as well. The website is something we want to focus on more from now on.”

“We totally depend on the market place. They have full control over you, you have no control of a lot of the parts of selling online.”

“We had some obstacles creating our own website but the time has come we are up and running with our website.”

“We outsourced to another company. The design creation was our own idea. The website was developed and programmed in India.”

“It is all integrated into one platform called Linnworks. It controls all of our orders and our stock control.”

“I would recommend Linnworks. They charge a one off fee. We are on the top package and we get the full service from them and telephone support which is very important.”

“The sky is the limit. There is no limit to how many products we can put on the website.”

“Most of suppliers provide their own photographs so it is no problem at all.”

“We sell globally. We can receive orders from all over the world.”

“Australia is a very good market. I am not sure why but it is very good.”

“Africa has not been a good market yet but has been set up as a market. I think as time goes on things will improve with this market.”

“Up to now we have not used much social media, but our aim from now onwards is to concentrate more on the social media side of things.”

“If you plant things properly with social media you can use minimum effort for maximum return.”

“Reviews are the most important thing on our website and on the selling platforms.”

“Our busiest time is October to January. It is the main part of our business.”

“Like anything else it is becoming a very competative market. Prices are stable or going down over the last few years.”

“I was very young when we first started. It was a family business to begin with and eventually we went our ways and now I am by myself.”

“To move forward, online the market is there.”

“I like to explore and different things and I like to be one of the first to explore new things. I try to be on top.”

“(To stay motivated) I meditate daily. I am an early riser.”

“If everything goes smoothly, the way you want it to, the sky’s the limit.”

“We are not so keen on eBay at the moment but it’s good to sell on eBay as well. The main thing is the website though.”

“We do use fulfilment (on Amazon) and find it very good. The more postings that you use the more sales that you will get.”

“You get the buy box better (on Amazon) if you use fulfilment.”

Best advice: “Have a positive attitude.  If you want to do it, the market is there for anybody who wants to sell online. Online is going to stay forever and we have got to live with it.”

What do they offer?

eTho aim to ensure that we can accommodate for the whole family and for your home and garden too. From thermal underwear, nightwear and hankies to garden gloves and duvet sets, they have it all. Their promise is to provide customers with the very best products; at the lowest possible prices all backed by our outstanding service which we believe is second to none. With over 25 years of trading experience and business contacts, eTho has lower operating costs and these savings can be passed directly on to the customer, which allows customers to buy at some of the most reasonable prices online. Their strong buying power ensures that retail and trade customers alike are able to purchase a selection of products as multi-packs too at competitive prices. Today, in this economic condition they are all for best value products at the lowest prices. Their objective is simple – to provide the customers with an efficient, quick and easy way to buy the products they want at affordable prices delivered directly to your door!

How to contact eTho!

Twitter      Website      Facebook    Or email: info@etho.co.uk or email Dilip directly on: dilip@inshade.co.uk


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