“If you’re going to do something, do it, and do it right” Roisin from FRCathcart

Roisin from FRCathcart is a special person I helped way back set up their now booming eCommerce website, and have massively progressed since then and I hope will continue to do so! The FRCathcart business started 40 years ago as a brick and mortar store in Northern Ireland and they supply everything from home and garden to hardware and building supplies. The store mainly sold building supplies until the credit crunch occurred, so as a family business they decided to diversify what they offered and delved into more a of a lifestyle store.

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Builders Merchants in Northern Ireland - Building Suppliers - FRCathcart

Some thoughts from the interview

“We started using brochures, but we realised we needed an online presence”

“We find our customers are more educated than they were 5 years ago, the internet is great for that”

“We get sales in the shop because the customer has researched online, come into the shop and we facilitate that”

“I found that people liked to click and collect online so they don’t have to rely on postal services”

“Certain people only buy on eBay, Amazon or personal websites, we wanted all of our store on all of those platforms”

“EBay is a ready-made platform with a huge amount of people going to it, it’s the one we prefer”

“We had a problem, people bought stock in store and when it was bought online we had none left”

“It’s took a year from going to nothing to now having a business platform, integrated eCommerce website with your EPoS system”

“You need the right product, a lot of what we do is research to see if products are competitive”

“Research your products, make sure you’re competitive and then decide what platforms you’re going to start with”

Best Advice: “if it’s not on there, then it’s not going to get out”


What do they offer?

A massive collection of lifestyle, home and garden products to make your home and environment look and feel just how you like it. To suit your garden and outdoor needs FRCathcart supplies BBQ, Garden furniture, plant seeds & hose accessories etc. The home decor department flourishes with paint, brushes & rollers and varnishes. Second to none is the Hardware department with gate fittings, silicone, padlocks and chains, wires and sleevings.

How to contact FRCathcart!

Twitter      Website      Facebook    Or email: info@frcathcartltd.com


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