“If you’re going to do something, do it, and do it right” Roisin from FRCathcart

Roisin from FRCathcart is a special person I helped way back set up their now booming eCommerce website, and have massively progressed since then and I hope will continue to do so! The FRCathcart business started 40 years ago as a brick and mortar store in Northern Ireland and they supply everything from home and garden to hardware and building supplies. The store mainly sold building supplies until the credit crunch occurred, so as a family business they decided to diversify what they offered and delved into more a of a lifestyle store.

Click to tweetHi everyone, Roisin from FRCathcart shares their incredible journey on SellingOnlineToday! Download link

Builders Merchants in Northern Ireland - Building Suppliers - FRCathcart

Some thoughts from the interview

“We started using brochures, but we realised we needed an online presence”

“We find our customers are more educated than they were 5 years ago, the internet is great for that”

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