“You have to put in the maximum amount of effort, and if you do that you will split some return, it’s going to be a lot of hard work but it will be rewarding so you have to keep doing it” Michael from Kenco Spares

Michael is a Northern Irish trade man that runs Kenco Spares and been operating since 1960 and since then started an eCommerce business in 2002 selling on multi-channel platforms such as eBay and Amazon. As well as having an online eCommerce store Michael also has a bricks and mortar store also called “Kenco Spares” in Belfast that has everything to do with domestic spare parts for most appliances such as Kenco and Dyson, dish washing machines, dryers etc.

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Dyson Spares Vacuum Bags and Vacuum Cleaner Spares UK kenco spares


Some thoughts from the interview

“In 1997 we made a website, but you couldn’t buy anything because that wasn’t the thing back then”

“It was something that interested me, when I finished school we made a small website with a photo of the inside of the shop”

“eBay chargers fees, so we thought if we made our own website we would have to pay no fees”

“We started eBay in 2003, and we started our own website in 2005”

“Every 6 months you have to do something different, keep adding something on as new technologies come”

“By adding PayPal as a purchase option we found customers were a bit more relaxed, PayPal gives the extra confidence”

“It’s all about convenience, price is one thing but you have to look after the customer, if it’s difficult to purchase something they’re not going to do it”

“I know all the details about the products we sell, third party business don’t so you end up doing a lot of the work for them”

“You can help out a customer using a little bit of technology in your hand”

“If it’s over 10 pounds you have to ship it and you’re already at a disadvantage the mainland UK”

“An Amazon statistic was that 85% of customers click the buy now box, and only 10% look at the third party sellers”

“There’s the temptation to cut the price but you have to be mindful about the fees”

“There’s a lot of fees and people starting out don’t take those into account at all”

“You could put up 500 items with the worst description and you won’t get a sale”

“If you do it well it works out, but if you do it poorly it effects your business, they will leave a bad review and never come back”

Best advice: : “You’re only going to get what you put in”

What do they offer?

As Ireland’s largest distributor, Kenco Spares has an extensive stock of domestic and commercial appliance spare parts. We also have a comprehensive stock of finished goods at unbeatable prices such as washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, fridges, cookers, microwaves & built in appliances.

How to contact Kenco Spares!

Website      Facebook    Or email: info@kencospares.com


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