“Don’t try doing everything yourself, use experts because you will be amazed at how much time someone else can actually save you and therefore money, but pick those people wisely.” Dave from Big Laces

Big Laces was started by Cheryl and Dave Clayton as “The Lace Place” back in 2006, primarily as an eBay venture to earn extra cash. Without any initial business plan and very little fancy marketing, the company has grown significantly but still remains family owned and run.

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Some thoughts from the interview

“Essentially it started that I needed some laces for some shoes and I couldn’t find the specific laces anywhere. This was back in 2006. I looked on the internet and the only place I could find them was a little sore over in America, but to make it worthwhile I think the minimum order was something lke 10 pairs. I really, really needed the laces to the extent that I actually order all 1 pairs just to get the one I needed thinking I would keep the spares.

“EBay wasn’t in its infancy but it was certainly only a few years in. I can’t remember if someone suggested the idea or if I stumbled across it. I though actually I only need 3 so I’ll put the others on there, maybe some other people will need them. They sold not hugely quickly but quickly enough. So I thought I’ll order another 10 and see what happens. Cut a long story short we got emails from people saying can you get these in red at all? Can you get them in blue? Brown? Can you get them slightly longer? Slightly shorter? And the range just grew and grew as we realised that actually everyone was having the same problem, that you can’t walk into a shoe shop and get anything other than standard black or brown laces.”

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