“Our revenue last year was $1.07 Million” Ellen From Scuba Choice

Ellen from Scuba Choice sells everything to do with scuba diving and started her eCommerce business in 2011 with her father, she is now running the multi-channel eCommerce business with 8 people on a day to day business all from starting from business from scratch in the garage.

Hi everyone, Ellen from Scuba Choice  shares her incredible journey on SellingOnlineToday! Download Link

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Some thoughts from the interview

“If you’re concerned that you need money to start a business, no, you can start a business under $1000”

“You don’t have to be an expert in business, but you have to be an expert at your selling technique”

“You have to be an expert at your selling technique, that’s how you get your sales boosted every year”

“If you think of it as hiring an assistant then the price isn’t high”

“The UK market is still definitely growing, so go with that”

“You could try vendor central if you have a lot of stock in your inventory and you have a lot of cash flow”

“You need to have your own brand to do manufacturing so you have control on the inventory and price”

“We have about 5 returned packages a day, but that’s small compared to the amount sold”

“To get customers redirected from Amazon give them a coupon code for your website”

“It’s rebuilt my passion and my salary boosted so fast”

“You need to find new ways to develop new items, new products or a new way to market your business”

Best advice: “Understand the concept, you either grow or die”

What do they offer?

The Scuba Choice mission is to provide beginners and experienced divers worldwide with an informative, convenient, and reliable one-stop shopping environment where they can buy extensive water sports equipment ranging from personal snorkeling gears to advanced scuba gear at unbeatable prices. Their success stems from long-term, organic growth as a result of total customer satisfaction, teamwork, and an overall commitment to being the leading authorized distributor through their value-added services. Their team works after hours to provide prompt and satisfied answers to customers.

How to contact Scuba Choice!

Twitter      Website      Facebook    Or email: customer@scuba-choice.com


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