Website tips: Effective Follow Up to Increase Sales

Website Tips: Product Pages & Blending In

Hi everyone, Patrick here. So you want your website to stand out from the crowd, what do you do? Stay tuned and I’ll give you my thoughts on the wireframe of your website and how it should look to be successful and ultimately to have more sales!
Right, so how do we implement an effective follow up strategy for those who buy on our website?

First if they buy you have to include an offer in the box to get them to buy again. They have bought but they aren’t loyal fans yet. So we want to continue to cultivate them for future sales. Remember the old sales saying it’s easier to sell to people you’ve already sold to.
So let us kick it off with what to include in the parcel:
At least a brochure with an offer of some sort and some sort of offer, some enticement to get them to buy from you again.
I once interviewed a guy on my podcast that says he includes all sorts of extra memorabilia he was selling martial arts uniforms and kits to kids. He even puts a note on the outside and gets them to download a link where the karate kid music comes on as they are opening it, he includes confetti, ninja turtle stickers, extra buttons for the uniforms, anything to create a wow factor. Some people include sweets, I don’t recommend this in case they leak or mark the items but I’ve heard that one. It is a question of looking at your market and look to see if there is anything you can to include to create the wow factor!
(Link to Ok Kimonos podcast episode: )
If your including an offer of some sorts it must be time limited. If it lasts 6 months’ people will forget but it’s more attractive if it’s for a limited time say 2 weeks to a month maximum. If they spotted something else on your website, then this might encourage them to take the next step.
Now, if your website is set up properly you can follow up on this offer by seeing who has used what codes if your website, if it is properly designed. Use different codes for different offers so you can see exactly who has used and if the campaign has been a success. You can attach all sorts of rules to the offers, only be used once by one person etc. Be careful and think about the campaigns so you are not going to lose money on them.

In the next video I’ll show you the process of the checkout abandonment emails and the importance of this sequence to clinch sales that have been left languishing in baskets and not finished buying.

Then the basics of email marketing you site will have opted them in automatically on the checkout if it’s done correctly and they will be opting out rather than in, people don’t mind emails and if do, they will unsubscribe, just make it easy for them. If they take the huff and don’t shop because you send them email’s then you’re probably better off without them as they probably will be difficult customers anyways you better off without them.
Make emails them interesting, topical and regular. Some sales books will tell you “People buy when they are ready to buy not when you are ready to sell to them”, thus you need to be constantly in their minds so that when they are ready to purchase you come to mind.

Anyways in summary make sure you include some offer in once something is bought to bring them back and become fans:

– Make sure you track the use of the Codes.
– Make sure you have the checkout abandonment email sequences set up.
– Make sure you are in regular email contact with those who have signed up.

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