Top 1000 eBay Sellers in 2016

Top 1000 eBay Sellers in 2016

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So Andy Geldman who is the Founder at – a free community site for businesses who sell through online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon, has put together his yearly list of the top 1000 ebay sellers in 2016 I include all the link so you can read more here:

But for those of you who don’t want to go into all the nuts and bolts of what it’s all about I’m going to summarise in a few minutes the main points, but I do suggest you head over to and take a good look at it.

So in this year’s research report which web retailer so kindly put together for all of us eBay and Amazon sellers, there are some interesting finds.

The report is broken down into several areas:
1. Cross border trade
2. Top countries
3. Top categories
4. The worlds top eBay sellers
5. the top sellers in the US
6. The top sellers in the UK
7. The Top sellers in China/Hong Kong
8. The top sellers in Germany
9. The top sellers in Australia
10 Then a summary of the top sellers in years gone by.

Everything from cross border trade to breakdowns of the main categories doing well on eBay to the main countries and where those sellers are, let’s take a quick look:

Cross border trade
39% of the top 1000 bays are serious cross border traders, in more than one country, interesting.
32% of the top 1000 sellers being Chinese selling to the US, Europe and Australia.

Top countries include China, UK, USA, Germany, Australia, no surprises there with Italy getting into the top 10. Aguri as they say in Italy.

Top categories
So in years gone by Phones and Accessories used to be the top categories, it’s now down to 3rd place. I see that even Clothing, Shoes and Accessories is also down to 2nd place, with Home and Garden now doing the best with186 of the top 1000 sellers in that category. Autoparts which I always thought was really high up there is in 4th place this year. There are all sorts of reasons for this as mentioned in the document.

It then lists the top sellers so just head down to the links and have a look yourselves as its interesting and I guess depending which categories you sell in the information will mean different things to different people.

It ends with a note about the data itself and how they gather it. It mentions how it doesn’t list Premium Stores in the US or Featured shops/ Anchor Shops in the UK and that the list is ordered by positive feedback which is an indicator of sales volume not necessarily of revenue as we know.

Well if anything it gives us reasons to be highly motivated in our own online selling journey so thanks Andy for that and keep up the good work.

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