“If you love something, then I think you can make it work, I think you really can” Helen from Lente Designs

Ecommerce business Lente Designs has been running for over 6 years by herself with casual staff over busy periods, Lente Designs started very slowly running 3 days a week. The couple not happy with their day to day jobs decided to plunge into making their own business. Taking a risk and taking out money on their credit card and buying fabrics to make their own designs for the niche market of iPad & tablet covers, designed by themselves along with help Lente Designs aims to provide quality cases for a little cost as possible.

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Kindle iPad Lenovo Nexus Covers – Tablet Cases Lente Designs

Some thoughts from the interview

“If you love something, then I think you can make it work, I think you really can

“The first year is really horrible, it’s really exciting yet it’s really horrible, it’s really hard work”

“Make sure you love it when you commit to it, or else it will really tire you out”

“You can’t take it personally when someone leaves a bad review”

“I was trying to compete and follow what other people have done and our sales dropped”

“You’re better having a quality product that may be more expensive but it better quality”

“People are tired of products being churned out without any quality control”

“We started on our own website then got established on eBay”

“Unless you have masses of time and a big team you can’t do everything at once”

“The more you can promote your own self and website the better, there’s less commission”


What do they offer?

Stamping down on the niche of covers, cases, bags and accessories for tablets and iPad’s, Lente Designs has everything covered with their slick and safe designs.

How to contact Lente Designs!

Twitter      Website      Facebook    Or email: helen@lentedesigns.com


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