“Just go for it, don’t say OK well maybe I’ll do it tomorrow, maybe I’ll do it next week, just take the bull by the horns and go for it” Michael from Supplement Warehouse

Michael has been in the supplement business for approximately 11 years starting way back in 2004. Finally in 2008 he took the chance to buy out the owner of the company so he could pursue his own eCommerce adventures. In 2011 he took the chance to open up a store in East London which runs alongside their own multi-channel websites and has now been running for 4 years and it’s been very successful. The family run business focuses their lives around health and fitness so the company is a joy for them to work with. Please take your time to check out Supplement Warehouse!

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Some thoughts from the interview

“Just go for it, don’t say OK well maybe I’ll do it tomorrow, maybe I’ll do it next week, just take the bull by the horns and go for it

“Customers like to know that there is someone around for problems, questions and can answer any queries”

“We like to offer people advice about anything health and fitness, we’re like a community service”

“When a customer buys a product, they know next time it will be cheaper” #loyaltyscheme

“We sell on Amazon because the customer base is much, much larger than eBay”

“We don’t just sell on Amazon UK, we sell across Europe; Germany, France, Spain, Italy”

“It’s easier to get products out if they are fulfilled by Amazon”

“If someone anywhere in the world buys from our website we will ship it to them”

“Social media definitely helps interact with our customers, it’s really important to engage with your customers”

“It doesn’t help with sales, but it helps us interact with our customers”

“You learn more through making mistakes than not making mistakes”

“I feel I can emphasize with my customers, it might take them 15 mins to talk, but I like to hear what they have to say, then they may ask for my advice and I give it to them”

“When I give advice it’s not to sell the product, it’s what’s best for the customer”

“As soon as we changed the layout of the shop we had so many more people coming in”

“I thought I knew best about business, I thought I knew everything, over time you realise that’s not always the case”

“You should always not be scared of taking other peoples advice”

“I wish I could have a gym to hold classes for the local community groups, local disadvantaged kids, gym classes, Zumba, dance etc”

Best Advice: “If I have a passion and vision, I shouldn’t be afraid to get it wrong, as long as I learn from my mistakes, dust it up and move forward”

What do they offer?

A massive range of sports nutrition, health & fitness products. Supplement Warehouse offers products for gaining mass, getting fit, creating lean muscle and losing weight. This includes such products such as amino acids, clothing and footwear, gluten free products and pilates, and of course offering the highest quality brands.

How to contact Supplement Warehouse!

Twitter      Website      Facebook    Or email: michael@supplementwarehouse.co.uk


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