“The beauty of the internet is it’s open to the whole world.” Alasdair from Badger Inks

Alasdair has been trading ink cartridges online since 2009 through eCommerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay and through his own website badgerinks.co.uk. He is based in East Sussex with a small team around him. Alasdair has recently started a bricks and mortar business alongside his thriving online business selling brands such as Canon, Epson and Lexmark.

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Some thoughts from the interview

“We started in 2009 selling ink cartridges, a very very competitive market of course”

“One thing we try and specialise in is that it will leave the building today, you order today, it leaves today”

“The one thing people are always going to be needing is more ink, so it therefore felt like there was an opportunity there to bring a better service than we stand a better chance of getting a portion of the market ”

“We started with two lines of ink cartridges and now of course we are selling hundreds, almost thousands of different ink cartridges”

“The marketplace is Amazon and eBay because your website is a lot harder to find on its own”

“I put that as probably our major reason for success is the fact that we give as best of customer service that we possibly can ”

“It’s vital to make sure the customer gets what they have ordered”

“Every one mistake costs you ten sales”

“In business you have to have a backup”

“I believe you need a bit of retail combined with a bit of online and that makes a successful business”

“You have to have at least three legs on your stool otherwise it falls over”

“Be careful how you market because it can run away with you very quickly and cost you more than you think and before you know it you’re making a loss on every sale”

Best advice: “You’ve always got to watch your margins”

What do they offer?

Badgerinks.co.uk aim to supply the best inks with the best price and service in the market. It is their aim to dispatch all orders on the same day as the order is placed by 1st Class postage, at no extra charge to their customers. Stocking both compatible and original cartridges by brands such as Dell, Canon, Lexmark and HP, if badgerink.co.uk don’t have it in stock they will get it in for you!

How to contact Badger Inks!

Twitter      Website      Facebook    Or email: info@badgerinks.co.uk


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