“Just do your best, work hard, the customer is king.” Dawn from Dawns Holistic Shop

Dawn started in 2006 studying Holistic Therapies in college for 4 years. From there she began to do Mind Body Spirit fairs, doing taster sessions and selling a few products. Dawn decided to bring the products she was already selling on to the internet whilst she wasn’t doing the fairs. She has been selling online for approximately 6 years now.

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Some thoughts from the interview

“I started with my own website to begin with, and then realised it was very difficult to get people to find your website let alone sell anything.”

“You got to be at the top of google on page one and it costs a lot of money to get there.”

“I read up on SEO and did a bit myself, and I did start coming up on page one for some searches but it’s still not as good as selling on Amazon or eBay unfortunately.”

“I’ve started on the Facebook advertising at the moment. I did it for 4 days, Friday to Monday, and it didn’t cost that much and I got 400 or 500 people to the website.”

“You can’t beat word of mouth I think.”

“You find it’s quite difficult to say: Could you just go on to Facebook and put a nice comment on for me?”

“Amazon mainly because people on eBay tend to like to get a bargain and people on Amazon are willing to pay the going price.”

“I’ve been trading on Amazon for 4 years.”

“I’ve thought about fulfilment with amazon but I’m not doing that at the moment as I do believe they charge a fee for keeping you item if it’s not sold for so many months.”

“I buy things in, I used you make my own creams and soaps but there are so many laws now you have to abide by that it’s not worth it.”

“I did sell a bag once and someone sent it back because it was too big.”

“It is very, very rare that I do get things back.”

“You know what to expect, or you should do at least.”

“I have my website and a lot of people find that and reach me through that.”

“Before I got married I had my own cleaning business, and then I decided to retrain and go back to college.”

“It’s not like a job, it’s just enjoyment.”

“There is a lot of repeat business, I have a nice customer base.”

“Start with amazon and build your own site up from there.”

“Hopefully you might be able to build a customer base up on (Amazon) who may just come to your own website eventually.”

“You have got to keep up to date with everything.”

Best advice: “Just do your best, just work hard and customer is king.”

Book Recommendations: Listen to your pain by Ben E. Benjamin

The Art Of Indian Face Message by Narendra Mehta

What do they offer?

Dawn’s Holistic Shop offers natural products, including soaps and creams, and holistic treatments for the good of your health.  They strive to provide the best customer service possible, be it a product you are purchasing or an Holistic treatment you are treating yourself to.

How to contact Dawns Holistic Shop!

Twitter      Website      Facebook    Or email: dawn@dawnsholisticshop.co.uk


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