“The job of an entrepreneur is to solve problems, if you focus on solving problems you’ll be successful” Brendan from Ok Kimonos

Ok Kimonos was started by Brendan, who has spent 8 years of his life dedicating himself to Jujitsu, started a Brazilian Jujitsu company that specifically focuses on the niche of children’s Jujitsu wear, but also goes into adult clothing, ranging from shorts, uniforms and other apparel, pretty much everything that you need to compete and train Brazilian jujitsu.

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Some thoughts from the interview

“They are highly stylised colours, everything about it, I see this gap in the industry

“I see this gap in the industry, I know I’m passionate about it, I love streetwear, I love design, I’m going to go for this!”

“I built my brand entirely through sweat equity, just hustling, engaging, I wrote blog posts, I made podcasts, I made a bunch of media around my company and just kept putting it out there, I engaged in every forum, I engaged on every Facebook group, linked in groups, anywhere I could find jujitsu I engaged in it”

“The quality of what you can get made in Pakistan or China, that’s where it’s done”

“I started my own company, there were set backs straight away, but pushing through all of that is what has made Ok kimonos successful in the last few years”

“It takes time to spread to other areas”

“I made it from scratch, free tools online, free resources I couldn’t afford education or classes”

“If I put an ad in a magazine I don’t know how well it’s going to perform”

“It cost me $1,700 dollars and all I have to show for that is a t-shirt from the company”

“Today, I would learn targeting, especially on Facebook ads”

“I just love doing everything I can to make that sort of experience”

“Find creative ways to hire people to help you”

“In my store I want you to buy, but in my blog I want you to have a great time”

“What do they do? What kind of people are they? What do they use them for? And then make media around that”

“I’m good at continuing to going forward, even when things are hard”

What do they offer?

Ok Kimonos believes his customer service is un-matched, unless he is stranded on a deserted island or seriously ill, he will respond to an e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter message within a few hours. Beside his amazing customer service Ok Kimonos offers a vast variety lightweight and premium BJJ gis, for both children and adults, as well as other apparel such as spats/tights, t-shirts, accessories, tape and patches.

How to contact Ok Kimonos!

Twitter      Website      Facebook    Or email: okkimonos@gmail.com


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