Website Tips: Onsite SEO

Website Tips: Onsite SEO

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In this 3-part series video I will tell you what SEO is and why it is so important for your business.

As mentioned in the previous video (if you haven’t seen it click here: SEO is important to develop your ecommerce business long term. There are essentially are 2 aspects that need addressed; Onsite SEO and Off site SEO. In this video we look at some essential considerations for Onsite SEO.


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“If you’re going to do something, do it, and do it right” Roisin from FRCathcart

Roisin from FRCathcart is a special person I helped way back set up their now booming eCommerce website, and have massively progressed since then and I hope will continue to do so! The FRCathcart business started 40 years ago as a brick and mortar store in Northern Ireland and they supply everything from home and garden to hardware and building supplies. The store mainly sold building supplies until the credit crunch occurred, so as a family business they decided to diversify what they offered and delved into more a of a lifestyle store.

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Builders Merchants in Northern Ireland - Building Suppliers - FRCathcart

Some thoughts from the interview

“We started using brochures, but we realised we needed an online presence”

“We find our customers are more educated than they were 5 years ago, the internet is great for that”

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“My mind set on making net profit is from the start make sure you are making money” Jay from DJM Direct

DJM Direct is based in Nelson, Lancashire and many years ago Jay (The radio guest) worked for a small business in Huddersfield and sold DIY products, contracts etc. In 2004, after experimenting with different products and finding the right products, they decided to move into to a 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Lancashire and continued expanding and looked for other means of selling and went onto Amazon, their own eCommerce site and in 2013 they expanded the warehouse to 20,000 sq. ft., and have turned over 2 million last year and have started their own brand just over 12 months ago.

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DJM Direct An Online One Stop Tools Shop Fast Free UK Delivery sellingonlinetoday

Some thoughts from the interview

“99.9% of our items are sold online, we’re an online business and that’s what were set up for”

“We sell through eBay, Amazon and all eCommerce sites and more recently we’ve been approached by Groupon

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“If you have sales you can overcome most problems, if you have the best plan in the world and no sales that’s insurmountable” Daniel from Shellac Nails

Daniel started Shellac Nails in November 2012 with help from an Enterprise Ireland New Frontiers Course which works with start-ups. Initially planning to supply medical statistical data to global pharmaceutical companies. He had a talent for sourcing products from external markets and with a hint that Shellac Gel was the next best thing to hit the market, Daniel took the plunge to start his own Shellac Nails business.

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Shellac Nails Ireland Over 300 Colours Salon Shellac Nail Polish €9Shellac Nails IrelandBuy Shellac Nail Polish for Perfect Shellac Nails at Home sellingonlinetoday

Some thoughts from the interview

“We are active on 12 different online platforms, we sell on Amazon, eBay, our own website and we also supply directly to beauticians”

“We have supplied to every country in the EU, we have supplied as far as Japan, Australia, New Zealand, America and Canada”

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