“If you’ve picked the right people you will get invaluable advice, and you will get it free” Jo from Red Herring Games

Red Herring Games was started by Jo in 2007 in Grimsby and built from the ground up. Red Herring Games is a fascinating business all to do with mystery murder, dinner events, party accessories, gifts, bits and pieces, and it was all because she wanted to raise money for her own coffee shop!

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Murder Mystery Games from the UK Red Herring Games

Some thoughts from the interview

“I sold games to another platform that wasn’t mine, but after 1 – 2 years I thought I could sell them myself

“I think it’s very important to outsource to someone that knows what they are doing, because doing the work and getting it right is lot harder than you think”

“We started with 12 and now we have well over 100 stories”

“People assume you just put up a website, but it’s not that basic, you have to keep tweaking it and changing it, adjusting it”

“It was more cost effective for someone to outsource our website, it’s very important to outsource”

“Amazon gives us a phenomenal amount of sales, so it was a good platform to get onto”

“People seriously need to register their barcodes with GS1, because there is some many scams out there”

“The people on eBay are the ones looking for a bargain, not a high quality item, but the people on Amazon are spending more because they want a quality product”

“We were approached by The Only Way Is Essex, they were looking for a murder mystery story and we had 72 hours to re-create a new mystery”

“We’re so easy to get a hold of, we have our telephone on there, our email and I’m very quick at responding to emails”

“Twitter has been good for us, we entered and won @TheoPaphitis’s small business Sunday”

“We have got bookings through twitter pressure, they didn’t ring or call, and they just tweeted until we got a booking”

“You have to know exactly what you’re doing with your Google Ad-words to make sure it makes the most money”

“The blog is primarily there for the SEO”

“I will go out and I will find advice, a lot of people become a know-it-all and I’m not a know-it-all”

“Don’t use business advisers, go and find an expert in their field and ask them”

Best Advice: “The customer service is never good enough, always look at improving your customer service”

What do they offer?

Red herring games is a business all to do with mystery murder, dinner events, and party accessories and gifts and bits and pieces. Red Herring Games offers small or big group dinner party games with the wildest selection of group mystery games.

How to contact Red Herring Games!

Twitter      Website      Facebook    Or email: games@red-herring-games.com


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