“Just do your best, work hard, the customer is king.” Dawn from Dawns Holistic Shop

Dawn started in 2006 studying Holistic Therapies in college for 4 years. From there she began to do Mind Body Spirit fairs, doing taster sessions and selling a few products. Dawn decided to bring the products she was already selling on to the internet whilst she wasn’t doing the fairs. She has been selling online for approximately 6 years now.

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Some thoughts from the interview

“I started with my own website to begin with, and then realised it was very difficult to get people to find your website let alone sell anything.”

“You got to be at the top of google on page one and it costs a lot of money to get there.”

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“Embrace change, embrace risk and don’t be afraid of hard work, because it is a lot of hard work.” Chris from Displaypro

Chris from Displaypro has been in business for over 11 years with his wife and large team of approximately 43 members of staff. Displaypro is a manufacturer, online and high street seller of display products and advertising media.

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Some thoughts from the interview

“It’s been a continuous growth process from the beginning. EBay was the main shopping channel which kick started Displaypro.”

“We started off on a shoe string. We used a credit card with £2000 credit limit and we bought a range of products to resell. It was products from a UK manufacturer. We bought one carton and made a profit by a second carton.”

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“Prepare the ground, it is time consuming and you want to make sure it’s going to work for you and that you are going to get something out of it. Concentrate on market sectors you are familiar with.” Rob From Florence Nightingale Hospice

Rob is from the Florence Nightingale Hospice which is charity shop that sells online. They put a lot of effort into the online selling world to make money for that charity. Rob heads up the eBay operation and they also sell via their own website and has been working with the Florence Nightingale Hospice for about 10 years.

Hi everyone, Rob from Florence Nightingale Hospice shares his incredible journey on SellingOnlineToday! Download Link

florence nightinggale hospice

Some thoughts from the interview

“We’ve been running eBay charity operation for the last 10 years and the name of the game is basically to work with our charity shops to identify items that would sell for more on eBay than in the shop.”

“What we trying to do is identify items and go on to eBay and sell for £30, £40, £50 to generate more revenue for the charity.”

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“Concentrate on customer service, the customer always comes first” Tony from Paws to Your Door

Tony from Paws to Your Door sells everything to do with the small pets industry. Paws to Your Door was established in 2000 as a pet food home delivery service in and around the Horsham area of West Sussex.  The business has grown steadily since and October 2006 saw the launch of their first online store through eBay.

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Some thoughts from the interview

“We got into the business really we were a small food delivery company locally. We were going to our suppliers and we were walking past other stock, and I met my partner around about the same time and came with us to the wholesaler at the time and said “why don’t you sell some of this online?” So we put some of the things online and that’s how we started.”

“I was a sort of stay at home husband looking after my little boy,  I was at home looking after him so I just put a few items online and it grew from there. Things have grown very well since then.”

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