“You have to put in the maximum amount of effort, and if you do that you will split some return, it’s going to be a lot of hard work but it will be rewarding so you have to keep doing it” Michael from Kenco Spares

Michael is a Northern Irish trade man that runs Kenco Spares and been operating since 1960 and since then started an eCommerce business in 2002 selling on multi-channel platforms such as eBay and Amazon. As well as having an online eCommerce store Michael also has a bricks and mortar store also called “Kenco Spares” in Belfast that has everything to do with domestic spare parts for most appliances such as Kenco and Dyson, dish washing machines, dryers etc.

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Some thoughts from the interview

“In 1997 we made a website, but you couldn’t buy anything because that wasn’t the thing back then”

“It was something that interested me, when I finished school we made a small website with a photo of the inside of the shop”

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“Make sure your deliveries are prompt, customer service is excellent and communication is excellent, customers expect nothing less, if you have a problem deal with it” David from Run Active

David from Run Active has 2 aspects to his website, one is for the performance running market and his second eCommerce business expands into the niche market for his other multi channel site Muddy Kit for people that endure the tough muddier events & races. As well as running successful eCommerce websites David also owns bricks and mortar stores which supplies to the casual jogger to cross country.

Hi everyone, David from Run Active shares his incredible journey on SellingOnlineToday!

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Some thoughts from the interview

“We’re the only people retailing it in the UK, and it’s now the most successful shoe we sell

“We operate 5 stores, a store in the city of London and a handful around Essex/ London Borders”

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“Just go for it, don’t say OK well maybe I’ll do it tomorrow, maybe I’ll do it next week, just take the bull by the horns and go for it” Michael from Supplement Warehouse

Michael has been in the supplement business for approximately 11 years starting way back in 2004. Finally in 2008 he took the chance to buy out the owner of the company so he could pursue his own eCommerce adventures. In 2011 he took the chance to open up a store in East London which runs alongside their own multi-channel websites and has now been running for 4 years and it’s been very successful. The family run business focuses their lives around health and fitness so the company is a joy for them to work with. Please take your time to check out Supplement Warehouse!

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Some thoughts from the interview

“Just go for it, don’t say OK well maybe I’ll do it tomorrow, maybe I’ll do it next week, just take the bull by the horns and go for it

“Customers like to know that there is someone around for problems, questions and can answer any queries”

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“Do it now, if you’re looking into it, just do it, because if you’re not going to do it tomorrow you can do it today” Simon from Duke Gifts

Duke Gifts is all about printed personalised gifts, there’s now a lot of people doing a similar thing, but when Simon started it was all about his graphic design being the best of the best! All of the products on the site are made by Simon himself, and then printed onto physical items such as mugs, teddy bears, bottles, money boxes… Just a whole host of items. You won’t find these items anywhere else in the world, they are totally unique. The company now sells over 200 items a day starting in February 2014, so the company has really set off “Snowball” start.

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Some thoughts from the interview

“All our items titles are very unique, we use numbers codes for the products”

“We make hundreds off unique designs filling in a niche”

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